Virtual Placement 2017

11th March 2017

The Greatest Platform to Experience what being at a Real Placement feels like.

XIE TPO Aptitude Test

What is Virtual Placement?

Virtual Placement is an event where students are interviewed by Real companies and provided with the experience and proper knowledge required to crack the actual job placements.

It is the place where recruiting companies and the job aspirants often find the perfect match generated of hiring the perfect candidate suiting to the job profile.

Virtual placement is an envisionary concept where students are put through identical levels of stress and refinement of technical knowledge and personality as they will at the time of actual placements.

It is a chance to find the missing piece in your resume or personality which will land you your dream job.

Why Virtual Placement?

  • Core Knowledge

    Imparts every nut and bolt essential for the true blue placement, from basic Group Discussions tips to Aptitude Tests or Pros and Cons of Interviews. Virtual Placement delivers it all.

  • Process Exploration

    Follows the same flow as the actual placement process thereby endue all the prerequisites needed in real placement.

  • HR Confrontation

    The HRs who screen and select the candidates in the real placement are present for the personal interview, thereby creating the actual ambience.

  • Real World Experience

    Gives a clear understanding of what the industries really requires and the difference between the syllabus and actual skills needed.

  • Grooming

    Imparts knowledge of every minute aspect of the procedure and hence trains to face the actual world out of the campus.

  • No Filtering

    Unlike the actual placements, nobody is eliminated in the process and hence everyone goes through the entire process to give the students an experience irrespective of every parameter of judgement.


Event Date

11th March 2017

Reporting Time

8.00 am


Registeration Fee

Rs. 250/-


    1. Stationary Kit

    2. Meal Boxes

    3. Real Experience of Recruitment Process


    1. Participation and Winning Certificates

    2. Cash Prizes for Winners

    3. Exciting Vouchers


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Happy Learning! Happy Placement!